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As many parents are figuring out what to do with kids out of school, so will parents that have young ones in daycare.

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It’s a hectic time for parents and as much as I want to say things will soon get better, we not there yet. As of Monday, daycares across Ohio are going to eventually close their doors due to the coronavirus outbreak. Gov. Mike DeWine said in his press conference on Sunday it is a matter of when.

“To do this abruptly overnight doesn’t make sense, but it’s coming,” DeWine said Sunday.

 Columbus Early Learning Centers tell 10TV that their plan is to serve the 300 children and their families as long as possible.

We’re looking at doing things like sending diapers home, sending activities home for families to be able to have for their children to do, figuring out how we can still do our food assistance programs even if we end up closing, especially since we might be closed for a while,” said Dr. Gina Ginn, Chief Executive Officer.

Sarah Pontious from Action For Children tells parents before daycares close figure out a plan B of trusted people who can help watch your kids.

Friends and family, neighbors that they trust – that they know their children will be safe there,” she said.

Action for Children has a FAQs page on their website for parents who need answers to their common questions. You can visit it at www.actionforchildren.org.

We will keep you up to date about the updates surrounding the coronavirus. You can text CORONAVIRUS614 to 71007 any time of the day for updates. Text messages and data rates may apply.

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