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For the last 9 years, Lena Headey has best been known as Cersei the evil Queen Regent and Queen Mother on the hit show Game Of Thrones. Now in her latest movie, she is still fighting with her family but this time it’s not for the throne but for the world title. Fighting With My Family tells the story of real like WWE Star Paige who rose from a Rinky-dink British wrestling promotion to the top of the ladder in the world’s biggest wrestling organization the WWE.

Lena plays Soraya, the mother of Paige, who is no stranger to cuss words, drinking and wrestling. In fact Lena grew up watching similar wrestling band in her home town country of Yorkshire, England. “I grew up with old school British wrestling which is just fat guys in unitards who would literally put a cigarette and pint down and just get into the ring and just body slam each other,” Lena explained. Continuing by letting me know her brother fell in love with the American version of wrestling but she never got into the art.

Although her co-star and star of the film, Florence Pugh said she gained a new respect for wrestling while training for this film because prior to that she didn’t know the half of what it took to become a WWE Superstar. Florence said the first time she running into the ropes all day, “it hurt so much! I went home and took my leggings off and across my bum was a bruise that honestly went from cheek to cheek.”

I also got to ask Lena Headey about the ending to Game of Thrones, while I know she can’t really talk about anything, but a lot of fans thought she spoiled the ending of the hit HBO show when she left a comment on Maise Williams’ instagram photo. Maise, the actress who plays Arya Stark posted a photo of herself wearing bloody shoes with the hashtag #LastWomanStanding and Lena left a comment saying #Queen. This caused the internet to explode.

I asked Lena about this and she had no memory of it but did go on to say that anything she says people take it as a spoiler or some deeper meaning, “I love Maise and she’s a queen to me so it was just that chit chat.” Adding, “Anything you say, you can’t say anything…” Joking that Cersei will die via carpet.

Fighting With My Family is in theaters everywhere Friday, 2/22

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