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Dorion Renaud

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Remember back in the day when reality tv stars weren’t taken seriously in Hollywood? Casting agents and directors were not checking for folks who were known just for being known. But my oh my, how the tables have turned. These days, the big wigs in Hollywood are actively seeking out folks from social media and reality television, whether they have talent or not.

Fortunately, there are a select few who’ve parlayed their 15 minutes of reality fame into a lucrative, sustainable career. Dorion Renaud is one of those stars whose talent was much too big to be placed in one box. He acts, he sings, he models. The true definition of an artist.

With three shows on Yahoo and his role on ‘In The Cut’, it’s safe to say that Dorion is booked and busy these days.

With a star studded cast like this, Dorion’s career as an actor can only go up from here. He plays hairdresser Percy on the Bounce TV show, alongside acting greats like Kelita Smith, Dorien Wilson, Jackèe Harry and more.

I spoke with the actor about everything from his new skin care line Buttah to his transition from reality tv to acting.

On Transitioning Into Acting After College Hill

“It was actually kind of hard, because when I did College Hill, that was a time when reality tv wasn’t as huge as it is now. I had to kind of change my name after, because people didn’t take me serious even though I had serious training. It was tough. I had to put the work in. Even with ‘In The Cut’, it wasn’t easy. But I’m glad I did it and got a little bit of a name for myself. And it’s funny because the director had no idea that I’ve ever done a reality show. So I was happy that I was able to impress him without him knowing that I was on a reality show. “

On Advice From Lauren London 

Dorion Renaud

Source: presley Ann/ Stringer / Getty

“Before I do anything involving acting, I run it by Lauren. Cause she’s been doing it so long. We go over my lines. She encourages me. Facetimes me when I’m on set. Anytime I need any advice regarding business, she’s the first person I go to. I’m so thankful to have her in my life. I hope we get to work together one of these days. I would want both of us to play like some gangster sh**. Something edgy and cool, but vulnerable.”

On Getting Into The Beauty Business

“People have a hard time believing that I had troubled skin growing up. When I started modeling and had to wear makeup all day, and at the end of the day, i would look at my skin. I’d see so much hyperpigmentation. Then i realized that there was a space open, for African Americans and skin care. I would go in Nordstroms and all these high end retailers and I couldn’t find anything that was good for my skin. And I felt that [African Americans] deserve to be the face of beauty, and skin care as well. So Buttah really came from the heart. I’m glad that it’s doing well.”

On Life Lessons 

“Trust your gut. Do not do anything for your peers. Do it for the people that look up to you and care. You have to move with purpose. You have to listen to your intuition. Move with purpose, move with vision and stay true to what you love.”

Check out Dorion’s skin care line Buttah at, and catch him on ‘In The Cut’ when season 5 premieres Monday on Bounce TV.



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