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Former Felon Now Educator Request Presidential Pardon

Source: Rodney White / RODNEY WHITE

Ohio Federal Prisons have a few inmates and personnel who have succumb to the deadly virus that has swept the globe.

COVID-19 is in the Ohio Federal Prisons, and inmates as well as loved one as scared for the lives on inmates. Many of whom are locked up for cases that aren’t that serious. Yes they have to serve their time but that doesn’t mean they all deserve a death sentence from the coronavirus.

One of the inmates got out word to the social media world, about how some them have the coronavirus and are dying from it. Many loved ones have pressed the Governor to step in and do something to help these inmates out.

Well what is the answer from Gov Mike DeWine?

He continues to say that Ohio does not have the authority to release Federal Prisoners!

Continue to pray for your loved ones, that God keeps them covered in a time like this.

The surge of the coronavirus  is suppose to hit this week, we have over 300k cases in the U.S. and 10k deaths.

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