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Governor of California Gavin Newsom at the opening game of the NBA season between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center

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California’s Governor Gavin Newsom is doing the same thing that Governor’s across America are doing right now, trying to formulate a plan to reopen their states. He is even thinking ahead of when the next school year would start and it may be as early as July.

According to Politico, when Governor Newsom spoke about when things could start reopening from the coronavirus shutdowns in the state, he said that the next school year could begin early, possibly in late July or early August. Newsom said, “We are considering the prospect of an even earlier school year, we need to start preparing for the physical changes in the schools.” The governor didn’t address, however, how much instruction could take place on the school campuses.

State Public Health Officer Sonia Angell explained an earlier school year would help students make up learning gaps from the closures, and also help parents return to work full-time.

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