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Since we are still under a stay at home order, with certain exceptions that means every now and then boredom may set in. Kids don’t have school and a lot of parents are either out of work or working remotely.

Regardless cooped up in the house with your children all day can be a bit nerve wrecking. Trust me, I know! I have my six year old and Im 8 months pregnant, so Im going through it to.

However I do find it easier to coexist with my child when we are active together! So I figured Id jot down some ideas for you and your children so you’re not bored at home together.

  1. Create an Xbox Live Account, or what game system you may have
  2. Learn the games your kid plays play with him
  3. Play indoor hide and seek
  4. Try a new recipe with them
  5. Play with blocks and build something
  6. Go camping in the living room
  7. Throw a family dance party

Try those out and see how those help ease the boredom at home!

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