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50 Cent at 97.9's Dub Car Show

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As a mother, one of the hardest celebrity feuds to stomach for me is 50 cent vs. his own son. No matter how much I love his music, I just can not get past the fact he disowned his own son. One of the most tragic occurrences with broken households is the lack of ability for the absent parent to understand the child they created. It pained my heart to hear 50s heartless rebuke of his own flesh and blood when he was asked if they could ever make peace. I can’t imagine how it feels to be Marquise and see your father award your other sibling with the love you never received. Heartbreaking.

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50 Cent said that Marquise was a “privileged child,” yet at the same time, he feels “deprived.” When asked if he still had love in his heart for Marquise, Jackson claimed he did at one time, but those days have since passed.

During the same interview, 50 Cent explained that Marquise had taken it upon himself to hang out with many of the men he had an adversarial relationship with. Now, Marquise is 23-years-old, and 50 Cent claims that he is a grown man and he will hold him accountable for his actions.


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