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And I mean that with all respect because it seems the more he talks the worst this situation involving him is getting worst.

Battle rapper Ahdi Boom is in a fight to try to prove the battle rap culture that he is no snitch. If you been living underneath a rock, Boom was label a snitch by Bigg K when the two battled months ago.

Since then Boom has been trying to clear his name but it has just gone downhill. He has dropped a freestyle saying he is not a snitch, that didn’t work. He now does an interview with 15 Minutes of Fame explaining why he doesn’t have his paperwork, still not working. Imma echo what his own friends like Goodz have said, “Shut UP!”

Here is my video response to Ahdi Boom and my thoughts on why he needs to start taking everybody’s advice and say nothing until you show us the receipts.