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When I was a little girl, the name Just For Me me was synonymous with beauty. Even as a youngster, I knew I wanted my hair to look just like the Black girl on the Just For Me perm box. Times have way changed since then. You couldn’t pay me to put a perm in my hair or my daughter’s hair but like us, the legacy brand has evolved to include curly hair products for kids.

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My family of three has been on isolation since the very beginning of March, only leaving the house when necessary. You quickly realize all the things missing in the cabinet under the sink. Things like shampoo and conditioner on the first wash day during quarantine. So when I received a package of the Just For Me Curl Peace collection, I was enthusiastic to try it on my baby girl, who has curly hair like her mama. Obviously, your baby’s hair is sensitive and you should be cautious trying any product on it. (I try all products on myself before my baby) But I felt pretty comfortable handing the bottle over to zaddy…oops I mean daddy for his weekly wash with B. (B stands for Bianca). Daddy loves washing B’s hair. As a Black mother, I made an internal compromise, I choose the products, he washes and I style. Leave the pig tails up to me.

He was equally excited to try new products as well, especially since he loves the way it makes her hair smell. With me on the other end of her baby tub, I watch dad lather up baby B’s coily tresses and massage her scalp like he does every wash day. I live for curly hair products because not only are they nourishing, they smell so damn good. My nostrils automatically flared and I took in the subtle but sweet smell of shea butter, honey and marshmallow. Approved.

After working through the ultimate detangling shampoo, dad easily transitioned into the ultimate detangling conditioner. And I know what you’re thinking. Before we go any further, my first question about baby shampoo is…will it burn if it gets into my baby’s eyes. You’re safe mom (or dad). The conditioner left her hair soft. Before applying the nourishing hair and scalp butter, we did a light spritz of the 5 in 1 wonder spray. Depending on your child’s age, scalp butter might be to heavy. Since B is under one year old, I keep it light. We moved onto the defining curl & coil cream. This is my favorite from the collection because the marshmallow ingredient does exactly what you think it does. Marshmallow extract provides a cooling sensation and leaves the hair super soft. (I should know, every now and then I use the products on my own hair).

While our wash day is simple, the Curl Peace collection has enough products to suit your needs. From the tender head detangling treatment to the nourishing & defining slime styler, there’s a product for every step. And every product in the collection is under $10. Because my broke best friend’s money is wrapped up in her piggy bank.

Purchase the collection, here.


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