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Officials are saying that COVID-19 is affecting minority communities at an alarming rate. This inadvertently implies that minority communities are somehow predisposed to COVID-19. The truth is there and major inequities and disparities in our healthcare system; COVID-19 is merely illuminating them. COVID-19 has created chaos and hardship for millions of people across the world. While it’s left us feeling scared, uncertain, frustrated, and devastated, we cannot let this pandemic take away our hope and drive.

Our communities are being affected at a disproportionally high rate but here are things that we can do to help flatten the curve by promoting health equity.

ASK the right questions!

ADVOCATE for our families and neighbors

And ultimately gain ACCESS to resources and support that are available to you.

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Featured, in order of appearance:

Dr. Francesca Okolie- Neonatology- @fokolie

Dr. Melissa Burnside- Family Medicine- @thetravelingbronxdoc

Dr. Jaleen Sims- Obstetrics & Gynecology-@jaleensims01

Dr. Brittne Halford- Internal Medicine- @brittnehalford

Dr. April D. McNeill- Pediatric Emergency Medicine- @draprildmcneill

Dr. Dionne Adaora Ibekie- Anesthesiology @dr_adaora

Dr. Nicole Plenty- Maternal-Fetal Medicine- @pregnancy_pearls

Dr. Jade Norris- Family Medicine-@lifestylemedwithdrjade

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