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The murder of George Floyd has set the country ablaze with protestors coming from all over to take  stand against police by any means necessary.

Cleveland has been issued a curfew since things got a bit out of hand, everyone is to be in the house by 8p until further notice.

The city of Columbus is also under curfew, everyone is to be in by 10p, until further notice.

While we all wait to see what kind o justice will be served against the Officer that murdered George Floyd we can do our best to make our voice heard.


The officer who has the knee on the neck of Floyd until he died has been charged with third degree murder.

There is now more footage released surrounding the arrest of George Floyd.

All four officers should be held accountable. May he Rest in Power, and love to his families and friends.

Radio One and Nationwide Children’s Hospital #OnOurSleeves
Radio One and Nationwide Children's Hospital #OnOurSleeves
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