NBA 2K20 Launch Party

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Kevin Durant sat down in an interview with The Undefeated on Friday, he opened up about George Floyd’stragic murder and the Black Lives Matter movement, and his health after his battle with COVID 19 in March.

“It made me think about all the previous videos we’ve seen involving police brutality,” Durant said. “At that point, you get tired of seeing it or wondering if things are going to change or whether we will see this again in the future. Will people’s hearts change? There are just so many questions going through my mind when you see a black man getting slaughtered on TV and on camera like that.”

Although he never had to deal with police brutality, he knows he is not exempt from being profiled. He did however mention that he will not be returning for this NBA season that is et to take place in July.

“My season is over, I don’t plan on playing at all. We decided last summer when it first happened that I was just going to wait until the following season. I had no plans of playing at all this season.”

If you are going to be tuned into this season of the NBA don’t expect to see any games with KD.

“It’s just best for me to wait. I don’t think I’m ready to play that type of intensity right now in the next month. It gives me more time to get ready for next season and the rest of my career.”

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