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How can you support  #BlackOutDay happening July 7th, 2020?

We were joined by financial expert Jini Thornton who filled us in on ways people should participate in the economic protest Black Out Day happening July 7th.

The concept around the idea started from a Facebook group titled #BlackOutDay2020 back in May by Texas resident Calvin Martyr. The focus on July 7th, 2020 is to have supporters committed to ONLY spending money at black-owned businesses; this includes banks, grocery stores, gas stations, hair salons and all forms of commerce.

“We’re going to not spend our dollars in the economy,” Martyr says in a video explaining his mission. “I believe, we believe, that if we unite enough people for one day to not spend their dollars, it will make an impact in the economy, and they will take notice.” Martyr claims “black consumers account for an estimated $1.2 trillion in economic spending, or what his supporters call economic power.” They hope the boycott will forces stronger efforts to abolish institutional racism in the United States.

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He recognizes that one day isn’t going to change everything, but feels it can make a major statement and flans to have “future blackouts for longer periods— weeks, months and possibly even blackout years” according to KHOU11.

He said people of all races are invited to participate, but his message is that it’s a movement for black people created by black people. The idea has been supported from leaders in the Black and Latino communities, with T.I. encouraging his millions of followers to take part. 



Listen to the conversation above as we discuss the importance of supporting actual BLACK-OWNED businesses and the impact of investing money in BLACK-OWNED banks.



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