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Starpil Large Professional Waxing Bundle

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Let me start by saying I began my waxing journey with confidence that both lips would remain intact by the end of this process and, spoiler alert, they still are.

A little backstory: I’m a recent cosmetology school graduate so I felt empowered to put my skills to use. I’ve experienced a variety of hair removal procedures and, through questions and conversations, I eventually learned about the company StarPil, which is highly recommended by many wax professionals. So, after spending thousands of dollars on hair removal products and procedures, I decided to invest in the Large Professional Hard Wax Bundle, which includes a 5lb bag of pink film beads, wooden spatulas, and a large wax warmer.

Upon arrival, I wiped down the inside of my wax pot machine with a damp towel and gentle cleanser. I then poured some beads into the warmer and set to the instructed temperature. The benefit of having a wax warmer is having more control over the temperature of the wax to maintain consistency. 

Starpil Wax

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My underarms were my first trial area. First I ensured my skin was clean, dry, and free of oils and lotions. Then I used my 6-inch spatula to stir the wax and rotated the stick to apply my first wave of product under my arm. I applied it upward, in the same direction of my hair growth, and let it dry for about 20 seconds until hardened. Then I gripped the ends of the wax and ripped downward in the direction opposite of my hair growth. When I saw that it only took one piece of wax to remove all of my underarm hair I couldn’t believe it. That gave me the confidence I needed to attempt my Brazilian. So, I summoned all the techniques I’d learned from school and years of being waxed and began.

I went in knowing that I needed to apply a generous amount of wax onto a small-to-medium-sized area. If not enough wax is applied it can cause the product to thin and tear mid-pull, resulting in having to go back and pick out the wax –ouch. I also wanted to make sure I left enough wax at the end of the portion attached to my skin to serve as a grip for me to pull evenly in the opposite direction. You definitely don’t want to apply the wax in the middle of a hair patch because when you attempt to grip the end, you’ll also be gripping surrounding hair — ouch again. Make sure there’s a definitive end to the wax apart from the hair in order to grip firmly before pulling. Since the hair down there doesn’t exactly grow in one clear direction, you have to find your groove and apply the wax following the natural hair growth pattern and pull opposite the direction of hair growth as much as possible. 

The first section I pulled horizontally, forming the top of my Brazilian hairline. Successful? Yes. Did it hurt? a bit. Fun fact: When you’re on or about to start your menstrual cycle your body is much more sensitive; therefore since I inappropriately timed this adventure it was more painful than usual, despite my high tolerance from being waxed for years. Now it was time to go down further, so I decided to take it one lip at a time. I continued waxing horizontally, applying the wax from my outer pelvic area going inward. This is where the skin pulling and yoga positions begin. Due to all the fun folds that come with being a woman, I needed to ensure that my skin was firmly stretched in order for the wax to adhere all over. I definitely felt that one a bit more.

I noticed that the wax was taking longer to dry because I was starting to perspire. When waxing, it’s recommended to do so in cold or cool temperatures because it’s hard for the wax to dry on a sweaty non-dry surface. I shuffled over to my thermostat to crank up the air and that’s when I discovered my air conditioner wasn’t working properly. My temperature was on 76 although I had set it for 72, and had planned to turn it down even lower. I didn’t panic. Instead, I responsibly reached for my baby powder. As soon as I picked up my travel size Johnson & Johnson I questioned whether the bottle was empty. After about two shakes, it was. Now I was starting to get concerned. However, I was determined to finish the job or at least have some symmetry.

I decided to wax even smaller sections and use one hand to hold my skin tight, and the other hand to fan and create a small breeze while posing in a yogi squat. As I pulled the free end of the wax, I simultaneously blew out air as if I were blowing out my birthday candles. This was a trick I’d learned at the doctor’s office to distract me from the pain of getting a shot. My blows were paired with screams throughout the duration of the pull to get my adrenaline going and reflect on why I thought this was a good idea. To spare you more details, simply imagine these steps repeated 10 times. It was a lot.

For everyone who is familiar with a Brazilian, you know that once you clean out the front window, you still have to take care of the back door. I decided to finish that the next morning. My body heat had gotten way too high and I needed to cool down overnight. I started early the next day like I was getting ahead of a full day’s work (mind you, I’m currently furloughed). Anywho, for my grand finale, I started right where I left off and worked my way up to the tip of my backside, also known as the bunny tail — yes, I hate that word too. Surprisingly, this portion went much smoother than the night before, probably because there was not as much hair. Before I attempted this endeavor I had gone to get a professional Brazilian wax one month prior. So, yes some hair had grown back, but it was still in a manageable state. Hair trimmed down to at least a quarter inch helps ensure there is enough hair to pull out smoothly without breaking; however too much hair creates excessive yanking. Maintenance is key. 

In case you can’t tell, I’d say my at-home wax was a success. Why? Because I would and will do it again. If it had been horrible I would definitely re-invest in purchasing another wax package, but I’m determined that it’s all uphill from here. The heat from the wax warmer remained consistent throughout the process and at no point was my skin burned, nor did I experience irritation afterward. I really appreciate the consistency of this wax because my hair came out smoothly and without breakage and there was no need to reapply wax strips over the same section. Post waxing I applied hydrogen peroxide as a precaution to prevent infection in case I did have slight skin tears and followed up with aloe vera gel. Later on, during my shower I did discover minor residual wax bits hiding between a few cracks and crevices which I of course pulled out quickly all while blowing. Nevertheless, your girl is official: all bare and my lips are still there.


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