Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Eye Base

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Though Bobbi Brown is a cosmetics company, it’s number one product is actually a skincare item. Vitamin Enriched Face Base is a moisturizing primer that’s loved so much by loyal customers one is sold around the world every single minute. Now that the brand has added a companion product —Vitamin Enriched Eye Base — I wouldn’t be surprised if people were adding both items to their virtual carts every 60 seconds.

The draw of Face Base, which I’ve personally experienced over the past couple of weeks of use, is its rich hydration. Most creams that provide this level of moisture feel heavy on the skin and don’t play well with makeup. Bobbi Brown, however, seems to have cracked the code with a formula that consists of shea butter and vitamins B, C, and E, yet feels surprisingly light –and not at all greasy — on the skin. There’s also the scent of Grapefruit and Geranium that’s super refreshing, particularly in the morning.

My skin has done a complete 180 this past month, with me experiencing extreme dryness around my mouth and I’ve turned to Face Base to lock in moisture on top of my serums and oils like you would use the LOC method for your hair. I’m starting to see some improvement and I’m noticing my skin, which has become uncharacteristically sensitive as of late, doesn’t negatively react to Face Base. That’s why I was down to give the new Eye Base a try when I received it in the mail last week.

Gabrielle Nevin, Vice President of Global Product Development at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, called the new eye cream a master multitasker because, like Face Base, it also moisturizes and primes. Sodium Hyaluronate and shea butter are the star ingredients in this eye cream which not only hydrate but provide that extra priming effect. “These two ingredients work together to lock to the skin, creating an incredibly smooth and plump surface so that your concealer and corrector layer and grip over the top for a fresh look all day,” Nevin pointed out during a virtual presentation on the new product.

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Eye Base

Source: Bobbi Brown / Bobbi Brown

Eye Base also has vitamin C to brighten undereye darkness and prevent hyperpigmentation; vitamin A which smooths and plumps dry, fine lines; vitamin B3 to improve skin barrier strength, which is particularly important for the undereye area where the skin is thinner; and vitamin E for antioxidant protection from all of the harsh free radicals that affect the skin, including the blue light from our phones and laptops.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m big on texture, and what’s particularly unique (and amazing) about Eye Base is that it’s created using a special mixing process and emollients to aerate the formula so that it’s rich and dense to the touch but super lightweight on the skin. And as a bonus, it has the same great scent as Face Base with a touch of orange to really wake up your senses in the morning.

Though I’ve only been using Eye Base for a week, so far I have no complaints. In my effort to get to the bottom of my dry skin issues, Face Base and Eye Base have really been life — or skin — savers because they don’t contain chemicals like some of the other medical or spa-grade products in my beauty cabinet. I’ve even started using the Soothing Cleansing Oil from Bobbi Brown along with these two products because of the formula of botanical oils that remove dirt and debris from skin without stripping it of moisture, which is what I need now more than anything. I’d say if you’re trying to reduce the number of products in your arsenal while upping the plush factor of your skincare regimen, you can’t go wrong with Eye Base and Face Base.

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