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Source: Ciara / American Girl

The couple that every one wants to be is Ciara and Russell Wilson. I mean come on you have to admit they are so PERFECTLY matched was if God himself came down to earth to put them together. The two have three beautiful children together, and are now looking to take over the Fragrance world with their own scent.

Ciara added:

“I like scents to be distinctive. I want it to be memorable. I always think about the feeling that I get when I smell someone that smells so fresh…You remember that scent. It leaves a mark on you.”

Russell gave his thought:

“We wanted our scents to be able to be very strong individually but also be stronger together.”

The fragrance is set to be released Nov 17th. R&C Fragrance!

Ciara did mention they put a lot of love into it and want you to have it.

Will you be securing that R & C Fragrance?

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