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Where is the money? You would think at a time when the pandemic is worse than what it was when it begin, that Congress would be doing that part to help out EVERY American. But that is not the case, because there may not be another stimulus check coming for any of us.

There are a few deals on the table that Congress can agree on and have signed before they leave for the holiday. The first Bipartisan deal is worth $908 that would leave out stimulus payments, focusing instead on providing jobless workers with an additional $300 in weekly unemployment aid.

My thing is this is AMERICA right!! Why is it that the country cannot afford to take care of its own people! Or do they just choose not too!

The second deal that may be on the table is from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who proposed a $916 billion package that would provide stimulus checks worth $600 per person, although it would cut back on unemployment aid.

Right now 6 in 10 people are feeling a financial impact from the pandemic. You would think the brains in Congress would come together and look out for its people.

So as of now there is no clear cut answer if we will be getting a second stimulus check or not, once I have more details Ill be sure to let you know.

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