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Pastor Mase reemerges as new pastor of Atlanta’s Gathering Oasis Church as of Sunday (Jan. 3). Last Sunday, the congregation  officially welcomed Mase as their newest leader by tweeting a photo of the retired New York rapper on their official Twitter account referring to him by his government name, Pastor Mason Betha.

Many fans remember when Mase famously retired from Hip Hop in 1999 to dedicate his life to Christ and pursue a higher calling from God. On that path, he continued his studies in theology at Clark Atlanta University to become an ordained minister. Mase couldn’t leave music all together. After a five year hiatus from music used to focus on his new calling in minstry, he graced us with his comeback album, Welcome Back, working with 50 Cent’s G-Unit collective.

Since then, Mase has been balancing his performance on stage and on the pulpit. As of this past Sunday, Mase is prepared to make his return as Pastor of youth-led Atlanta church, The Gathering Oasis. This church is widely known for its’ youthfulness and activeness in the community.

In a recent video, Mase discusses his newest position, “I really see this generation being turned back to God’s hands. I think there’s been a major challenge with the city like being able to direct people back to God and I really welcome the challenge.”

It appears Pastor Mason Betha and The Gathering Oasis have the same intention to lead the next generation to the promise land.  The retired rapper is doing the Lord’s work, and he is advocating for Christ despite the challenges he may be met with. Let’s pray he stays far away from the controversy that comes with becoming a Minister in Atlanta the way some of these church leaders have stumbled upon in the past. Much success to Mase and his latest venture in Christ.

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