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Plastic or cosmetic surgery has spiked over the past decade. Now more than ever, people are turning to doctors to surgically enhance their body parts in the name of self-gratification. People’s desire to improve upon their bodies has always been a personal decision. Some people are unhappy with what they see in the mirror, others are addressing a source of insecurity, some want to preserve themselves through surgeries, some have medical reasons, and others simply want to upgrade themselves. Whatever the motive, plastic and cosmetic surgery has been embraced and normalized in today’s society.

What people choose to do with their bodies is a personal decision, but the conflict arises when there is no transparency on the steps they took to get there. If a woman who was once bigger in size decides to get liposuction, it’s up to announce it to the world. Should she decide to address the changes in her body, being open and honest about what she did to get in shape is helpful. Most times celebrities have surgeries and lie about them to maintain a warped sense of perfection. They’ll claim they adopted a strenuous workout routine, which may be true, but it was incorporated after a surgical procedure.

In an interview with The Jasmine Brand, DJ Duffey details why she chooses to be open about her plastic surgery journey. “A lot of women act like they don’t do anything and for the girls out here that might want to do it, they don’t have other celebrities to look at,” she told Twila-Amoure McDaniel. “For instance ya’ll see me and be like, ‘Damn, Duffey got fine all of a sudden.’ I’m not about to lie to ya’ll and say I got it from working out everyday, because I didn’t. If I had surgery I have no problem saying I had surgery because I don’t see nothing wrong with it. If you want to enhance the way you look and you can afford it, I see nothing wrong with it. I’m proud of it. And if my journey can help someone else do surgery the safe way, because in our community there’s a lot of black women going to homes and getting illegal injections and doing crazy stuff that can harm themselves, kill themselves, so I want to show y’all my journey,” she continued.

Transparency is important. Honest conversations about plastic surgery has the power to save lives. We have to hold celebrities accountable when they have these procedures and lie about how they’ve maintained their results. Most celebrities have the added pressures of maintaining an image of perfection. With that narrative, transparency doesn’t quite fit into their lifestyle. I’m not saying you have to be a spokesperson for surgery, but misleading people to think that you obtained certain features naturally adds to society’s warped, unrealistic beauty standards.

I appreciate people like DJ Duffey for using her platform to be open about the changes she’s made to her body. Conversations like this offer a realistic view of plastic surgery. What do you think? Should more celebrities be transparent about their excursions under the knife?


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