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I have always struggled with managing my weight. My infatuation with sugar and salty foods was bigger than my desire to get in shape. In 2020 I saw myself at my largest. At just 5 feet tall, I was close to 200 lbs. I wanted to change my diet, but the will power and desire to get it done wasn’t there. After going through a breakup, something in my mind shifted. It’s like as I removed the things that no longer served me, I was able to make space for new energies.

In September of 2020, I weighed in at 194 lbs. Besides wanting to feel better about the way I looked, I also wanted to rid myself of all the toxins I was putting into my body. A sugar detox was essential. I heard a lot about the keto diet, so I decided to give that a try as well. Honestly, I’m always hesitant when it comes to starting a diet. I didn’t want to fall into a 30 day fad and end up binge eating red velvet cake the moment I feel sad or had an emotional trigger. I was really seeking a lifestyle change, which meant I also had to address all the triggers that were tied to poor eating habits.

What I Ate

Marsha B.

Source: Marsha B. / Marsha B.

A breakup can be a huge emotional trigger. For me, it was important to find substitutes for sugar so that on those days that I felt sad, I had an outlet. I added walnuts, and cranberries to my diet to help curve sugar cravings.

The Keto diet consists of eating foods that are high in fat and protein. While you’re increasing your fat and proteins, you’re minimizing your carbs and sugar intake. The appealing part of Keto is that you can eat really unhealthy foods, as long as they’re high in fat and protein. Essentially you could go to Mc Donald’s and eat a Big Mac, as long as you removed the bread. Because I was seeking a lifestyle change, it was counterproductive for me to consume foods that would still contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. I made sure the basis of every meal had veggies, proteins, and something fatty like cheese or avocados.

The Results

Marsha B

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B

By November, I shed 20 lbs. I had more energy, I looked physically fit, and my confidence had skyrocketed. I also adjusted my diet to the point where if I ate something that was too sweet, I was unable to finish it. My body began to reject things that were not good for me. That showed me that I had successfully shifted from a diet to a lifestyle change.

Now that I pay closer attention to what I consume, I allow myself a few cheat meals. I’ve learned the importance of moderation when it comes to my sugar intake. During the first few months of keto, I deprived myself of sweets so that I could build up a tolerance for not having any. For my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years I allowed myself to enjoy foods that I typically wouldn’t consume on an everyday basis.

Marsha B

Source: Ambitious Shooters / Ambitious Shooters

The process of addressing my health helped me hone in on deep-rooted insecurities that I carried around with me. Everyday I’d look in the mirror and remind myself of how beautiful I am. I did that daily so that I knew no matter how much I weighed, I would always be a gorgeous woman.

In September I weighted 194. Today I weigh 165. Nearly 30 lbs later and I look and feel like 1 million bucks. My weight loss journey was about more than just shedding pounds. I had to learn how to love myself enough to treat my body better. The goal isn’t just to look good, it’s to FEEL good too! Now that I have a better appreciation for organic foods, I stay away from anything processed. I really want to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that I can prolong my life. This glow up was both internal and external!


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