Ne-Yo Might Want to Be Careful
Ne-Yo’s been seen around town with a new chick named Monyetta Shaw and has claimed that she’s his new personal assistant – but sources in his camp have said Ne-Yo doesn’t have any personal assistants by that name. So now we’re all assuming this lady is his new girlfriend…but that’s not why we called. The real news is this chick’s past.
Back story: former Tennessee Titan Steve McNair was shot and killed in a murder-suicide in July. He was killed by his young mistress by the name of Sahel Kazemi. McNair was married, but apparently not shy about sleeping around…because Ne-Yo’s “assistant,” Shaw, was reportedly one of his mistresses! And, to make things even worse, there are rumors that she’s the mistress who Kazemi believed was coming between her and McNair!
Ne-Yo’s been denying his relationship with Shaw even though the two of them were at T-Pain’s Christmas party a few weeks ago [the picture above] and Shaw was with him and his family on Thanksgiving. Shaw has been linked to Ludacris, Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard and other athletes and celebrities, apparently. Not for nothing, but Ne-Yo might want to be careful.

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