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Gorilla Glue Hairstyle

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Tessica Brown, a.k.a, #gorillagluegirl, entered our lives in a way we will never forget. The 40-year-old Tik Tok user captured our attention when a video clip of her showing off the effects Gorilla Glue Spray had on her hair one-month later went viral. Brown claims she ran out of her usual Got 2B hairspray so she opted for Gorilla Glue Spray to seal her tresses. Well the heavy-duty glue did exactly that and Brown has tried pretty much everything to get the glue out her hair to no avail. She even sought professional medical help, this weekend, but was sent home with her do still in tact.

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In an interview with Kiss925, Brown revealed she took her hairtastrophe to social media after two weeks of trying remedies recommended by her family. She also admitted she felt a way about people calling her “stupid,” but the reaction from the public eventually changed to concern.

So what happened when she went to the emergency room? The nurse attempted to remove the glue using nail polish remover and began to apply the remover on the back of her hair where Brown thought the application might be the thinnest.

“When she started, it started to burn,” she revealed. “So she took the saline water and tried to cool it off. But it burned so bad, my heart started beating too fast. She told me, it looked like she can do it but it’s going to take her at least 20 hours.”

Brown decided to try the remedy at home where she would be in the comfort of her own home. “They gave me some saline water, they gave me some nail polish remover and wipes to go home with. The thing is, every time we start, it burns extremely bad.” Brown believes she will have to shave her hair off though she doesn’t want to.

Brown created a GoFundMe account to rain funds under the tag “medical illness and healing.” So far, she’s raised almost $9,000, far above her $1,500 goal.

According to TMZ, she is consulting with a legal team to inquire about a potential lawsuit against Gorilla Glue, who apparently does not have a label warning that specifies not to use on hair.

The social media famous user took to social media to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers shortly after being verified on Instagram.

While Brown has received an outpouring of support, there’s a rising group of people who are convinced this was “clout-chasing” at its finest. Either way, it is a lesson in what not to do.


Black Woman Goes Viral After Using Gorilla Glue In Her Hair

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