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I know youre probably tired of hearing about this but finally Gorilla Glue girl has some relief as she has cut off her ponytail!!!

Last week a woman by the name Tessica went viral on the internet for putting the wrong product in her hair. Assuming that Gorilla Glue, the permanent adhesive, was like Gorilla Snot, he hair stuff, Tessica literally glued her hair to her scalp.

Now she is blowing up all over the world because of this incident. Her friend helped her cut the ponytail out of her head which is a start to some relief, she still has a ways to go until her head is back to normal, and by ways I mean PAIN!

Some are mad that she’s getting so much attention for doing something so embarrassing other are wishing her way.

Gorilla Glue TikToker Tessica Brown is flying out to Beverly Hills to get help from a plastic surgeon who says he can fix her problems with a lengthy 2-3 day procedure.

Courtesy of TMZ

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