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Madlib X KAYTRANADA X Lexus IS Wax Edition

Source: Lexus / Pitchfork

Madlib and KAYTRANADA individually have achieved worldwide fanfare in their respective lanes as producers and sound providers. With the pair collaborating on a new double-single, the exclusive vinyl and its creation is part of an effort featuring Lexus and their innovative IS Wax Edition model.

Pitchfork produced and filmed the connection between the two musical giants, both of whom admire the other’s work. In fact, KAYTRANADA, the younger of the two, was especially humbled by the moment but the Oxford, Calif. native made sure to gently brush aside the accolades to praise his Canadian counterpart for being nominated for a trio of Grammy Awards.

Partnering with Lexus, the first video of the two-part Driven By Sound documentary series follows Madlib and KAYTRANADA’s adventures in vinyl, complete with a crate-digging expedition that brought the Bad Kid back to his wax hunting roots, was released on Tuesday (Feb. 23).

Madlib X KAYTRANADA X Lexus IS Wax Edition

Source: Lexus / Pitchfork

The 7″ vinyl piece will make its sonic debut in the Lexus IS Wax edition, with the fine automaker crafting a vehicle with an actual turntable in the region where the glove compartment usually rests. This in-dash record player was designed with the audiophile in mind, and both Madlib and KAYTRANADA are promising something uptempo.

Madlib X KAYTRANADA X Lexus IS Wax Edition

Source: Lexus / Pitchfork

Fans of Madlib know that he’s no stranger to quicker rhythms, this after he employed one of his alter-egos, DJ Rels, to deliver the soulful House album, Theme For A Broken Soul. KAYTRANADA’s latest album Bubba is up for a Dance/Electronic Grammy Award, and he’s also named in the Best New Artist category as well.

“When I make music, I usually do it in headphones, so I hear everything clear. And I take it to the car, test it out. Every time man. That’s the big test,” Madlib says during the Driven By Sound documentary.

“It was effortlessly, like we’re just homies. I mean, Madlib is a legend to me, so for me it’s like kinda crazy. The 15-year-old in me is like ‘Wow,’” KAYTRANADA added.

The second part of the Driven By Sound documentary will go live on March 15, which will also reveal the Lexus IS Wax Edition vehicle.

In April, select Vinyl Me, Please members will get the new double-single in their shipments.

Check out a clip of the Driven By Sound doc in the tweet below.

Photo: Lexus/Pitchfork

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