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Actress and singer chloe bailey received a lot of criticism for her ig post since her and her sister of Chloe x Hailey have their own page. Chloe decided to take part in the Buss It Challenge where a lot of people perceived her innocent image as damaged and trying too hard to fit in with societal norms.

Chloe Bailey Halle Bailey

Source: Face Book / Chloe Bailey

Chloe came to defend herself on an ig live video tearfully crying about how she feels as if she’s being herself and people just don’t know her.

Mega Good who also dealt with people criticizing her image told Hello Beautiful:

“It breaks my heart to see her have to go through that. And again, getting free of what other people think of you is a process. You know, it depends on the person. Depends on how they download things – what it feels like to their spirit – so you can’t just tell them to get over it.”

Cheers to being who you are and not apologizing for it!!

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