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You may be a new mommy, or a mommy of a few children, all moms have one thing in common, giving up their mind, body, and soul to bring another human into this earth. For many women this is joy, along with a side effects of other things, there is just nothing like baring children.

Some women even face the monster PPD, commonly known as Postpartum Depression. You may not notice that you even have PPD but if you ever catch yourself, doing a few of the symptoms below, get help ASAP:

According to here are 8 signs,

1. Your baby blues don’t go away

2.Sadness or guilt consume your thoughts

3. You lose interest in things you enjoy

4. You have trouble making decision

5. Your sleep pattern changes

6. You think about harming yourself

7. You’ve had big stressful changes in your life

8. You worry you won’t be a good mom

If you are suffering from any of this existed above or more its possible you’re dealing with PPD.

How to Combat PPD, you can get therapy, seek medicine to help manage your PPD from your doctor, connect digitally online with other women who may be battling PPD. Also don’t forget to take care of yourself, make time for yourself, meditate, make healthy lifestyle choices, and REALISTIC expectations.

I hope this help you out MOM!!

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