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The preliminary herring for Pop Smokes, murder case took place, and one of the men accused of killing Pop Smoke, #CoreyWalker, was held, as officials decide on whether he should go to trial.

According to the @nydailynews LAPD Detective Christian Carrasco was the first person to take the stand and go into detail on what happened the night Pop was shot.

Prepare yourself because the next few words are a lot to stomach.

Pop was in the shower, at the Los Angeles home he rented when masked gunmen made their way inside through a second-story balcony. A woman that was there that night had a semiautomatic put to her head by a gunmen.

The detective went into descriptive detail of the woman story, “She heard a struggle coming from the shower area and heard Mr. Jackson screaming. Mr. Jackson ran out of the bathroom and then she heard a loud pop and heard Mr. Jackson fall to the ground. Two other individuals began to kick him.” Detective continues, “Mr. Jackson gets up and runs downstairs. She hears two more pops. She follows Mr. Jackson, sees him on the ground.

The planned two-day hearing in the murder case is expected to cover the testimony prosecutors consider sufficient to convince a judge Walker should face trial.

If convicted as charged, he could face the death penalty, the Los Angeles County district attorney said.

RIP Pop Smoke