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This happens to be an interesting read that I cam across. According to TMZ and theshaderoom, apparently a BBL surgery is the worst of all to get and the most fatal.

Th popular ‘Botched’ Dr. Terry Dubrow gave his tea on the case, about a procedure that women should definitely stray away from, and that is the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Spoken with TMZ exclusively Dr. Terry Dubrow stated some very scary and shed light on the harsh truths regarding the BBL surgery that has become incredibly popular throughout the last few years. He mad sure he stated everything and not to hold back on what may seemingly upset some women. Apparently the surgery is extremely dangerous

“It’s extraordinarily dangerous. It turns out that it’s the most dangerous, not only plastic surgery procedure, it’s the most dangerous operation there is with the highest fatality rate. The problem is there’s these very small, little veins in the buttock that leads directly to the vena cave, which is the major blood vessel that brings blood back from your body to your heart, to your lungs. If you get fat in those little vessels and it gets in the main vena cava and goes to your lungs, it’s over,” he said.

Would you still get a BBL?

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