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Another day, another incident involving trigger-happy police officers shooting and killing an unarmed Black man—this time, in College Park, Georgia. Just before 10 p.m. Tuesday at the Chelsea Garden Apartments, 22-year-old Tory Brown was gunned down by officers who said he had a warrant out of Clayton County for violation of probation, and that he refused to comply with police demands to exit the apartment, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

Antoinette Martin, the mother of Brown’s girlfriend, told Fox 5 officers from multiple police departments had been looking for Brown earlier that day, and they came to her home to question her about his whereabouts.

“One of them was standing at the door…I came toward the door to look out and he dragged me out the door. Just pulled me,” Martin said.

She said after her encounter with the police, she sent another daughter of hers to the apartment of Brown’s mother, Paula Thomas, who told Fox 5, “I was running over here and that’s when we heard the two shots.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is conducting an independent investigation into the shooting. Here’s what the bureau has said so far, according to CBS 46:

“For several minutes, deputies gave verbal commands for the occupants of the apartment to leave. Several occupants left the apartment, but Brown did not comply and remained inside. Deputies entered the residence and Brown quickly advanced towards deputies. During the incident, a Clayton County Sheriff’s Office deputy shot Brown with his firearm. Brown died on scene as a result of his injuries.”

No guns were found in Brown’s home, which means cops who were among a team of trained officers, none of whom were injured in the incident, felt the need to open fire on an unarmed man who did nothing more than “quickly advance towards” them. Apparently, it just doesn’t take much for some cops to feel deadly force is appropriate.

“The cops are supposed to be protecting us and they’re not protecting us,” Thomas told Fox 5. “They’re killing us and it’s not right.”

She also described her son as “a good kid, you know, doesn’t get in no troublenot too tough.”

According to Fox 5, the GBI will send the findings of its investigation to the Fulton County District’s Attorney to be reviewed once it is concluded.  This is a developing story and we will updating as new information is presented…


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