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Being outside has definitely been the new wave especially since the pandemic. People are getting out more to stretch their legs, see new things.

A main park that a lot of people go to is Alum Creek State Park in Delaware. They do the hiking to swimming to having a picnic, and just out and about enjoying nature.

“Unfortunately, sometimes that comes with a little bit and other times a whole lot of litter,” said Park Assistant Director Suzie Vance. “It looks great today. There are some days where it does look so great.”


Source: En Contexto / Telemundo Indy

“Our water is treated, and yes water is water and there’s a finite amount of it and a lot of our park reservoirs are resources for drinking water,” said Vance. “We remind people all the time what happens in the water…” Vance said laughingly to the cliché that finishes “stays in the water.”

When litter is left on the trails, the picnic area and the beach, a storm’s wind blows all of the waste directly into the water. To take this a step further, litter costs money.

“It adds cost to the taxpayer. The more that people litter, the more it costs to maintain a park,” said Vance.

The bottom line, get out and enjoy nature. Jump in the water. Get on the trails, but don’t leave your trash there!!

Are you picking up your litter?

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