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Buying foundation sometimes feels like a commitment that you just aren’t ready to make. You walk into Sephora and you’re instantly overwhelmed with how many shades, hues and brands of makeup there are just waiting to either disappoint you or be the magic potion you’ve been looking for. Even worst, foundations aren’t cheap! The average foundation at Sephora starts at $35 dollars. For this reason, makeup lovers rely on samples to determine their next beauty product purchase.

What are the rules on collecting samples from Sephora though? There was only one way to find out. I talked to four different employees at four different locations to see if I could find out the truth on the sample situation and here’s what I learned:

  1. You’re not alone!

It’s not uncommon at all to come in looking for samples! Plenty shoppers come in looking for the perfect foundation and the good news is that they leave with HOPE in the form of OPTIONS!

  1. You’re allowed 3 Samples PER DAY

I was thrilled to learn that employees are trained to give three samples to anyone looking to try out foundations! If those don’t work out, come back another day and check out some more. They can’t however be 3 of the same product.

  1. Color IQ

Sephora has a system that helps you match your foundation. It’s a camera that they call the “Color IQ”. It takes pictures of your skin that then runs through its data base of foundation to find your closest complexion match. The system is far from perfect but it’s a great place to start your foundation journey.

Trial and error is always the best way to perfecting anything and certainly something as personal as your foundation match. So there you have it! No more do you have to feel overwhelmed. If at first you don’t succeed, try a few others on for size. You got options Honey. Go take advantage!


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