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‘Black Don’t Crack’: Bianca Lawson’s Age Stumps Comedians Courtney Bee, Paris Sashay And LAM

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At 42-years-young, Bianca Lawson is eternally youthful. As our 2021 “Fashion Issue” digital cover star, we are currently obsessed with her fresh faced beauty, fashion and spooky-glam aura. Who better to be the first star to be featured on our newly launched series “Black Don’t Crack.”

Comedians Courtney Bee, Paris Sashay, and LAM (Legend Already Made, AKA The Black Willy Wonka) hilariously attempt to guess Bianca’s age in the upbeat clip that will leave you cackling.

“I think the power of her youth is in her middle part,” jokes Courtney Bee. We see no lies told. Bianca’s hair is always flawless!

In case you didn’t know, Bianca Lawson has been on the scene since back in the day, when she played Rhonda on the beloved 90s series Sister, Sister. Carrying on her mean girl role, she served waterfall bang style as Nikki in Save The Last Dance (Julia Styles giving us choreography = instant cult classic) and currently tugs on our heart strings as Darla in Own’s “Queen Sugar.”

In our cover story, penned by Ty Alexander, Bianca revealed Darla is her most vulnerable role yet. “You know all those episodes where [Darla] was depressed — I’ve struggled with that my whole life but it was never something I would talk about or express to anyone,” she said. “Through her, I could sort of just let the guard down. I think it has been good for me.”

Read the full cover story, here.


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