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The highest temple when it comes to the buildings are named after the top sport athletes has to be the new LeBron James Innovation Center.

This space is a Nike Sport Research Lab, with 85,000 square foot facility. Here scientist will be able to study and track body movement with an array of 400 cameras. The largest motion capture installation for Nike in the world. Its consist of body camera, multiple tracks, an area where prototype sneakers can be made in under an hour.

The connection to such an honor is still unbelievable to James, he did speak and say “Over the course of my career and my time here at Nike, for all of this to come together is surreal. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m definitely honored,” says James. “Having my name on the Innovation building feels very fitting because I’m always trying to figure out ways I can continue to innovate and continue to break the timeline of what they say is your prime.”

Courtesy of complex.com

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