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TFF 2010 Portrait Studio At The FilmMaker Industry Press Center - Day 1

Source: Larry Busacca / Getty

It’s rare you find anybody who does not love the movie Friday! Most of the cast of the film have become house hold names because of the classic. After the success of the original, a couple sequels followed but there was one person missing from them all. That missing piece was Chris Tucker’s character Smokey. There has been plenty of speculation and rumors as to why Tucker never returned to the franchise, but never clarity. Chris Tucker went on to be successful in other projects like Dead Presidents, The Fifth Element, the Rush Hour franchise and many more but most of his fans still know him for his iconic role as “Smokey”. The actor has done interviews where he’s told different reasons as to why he wasn’t in anymore “Friday” movies, citing differences with production but it seems as though Ice Cube is clearing the air.