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After 31 years… Maury is coming to an end. It will come to a close with the 2021-2022 season according to NBC Universal. “Six years ago when I was ready to retire, my the NBCUniversal family asked me to continue the show,” host Maury Povich said in a statement to CNN. “Even though I told them I was ready for assisted living, out of loyalty to NBCUniversal and my more than 100 staff and crew members, Tracie Wilson and I agreed to one more deal. I’m so proud of my relationship with NBCUniversal and all those who worked on the “Maury” show but as I occasionally tell my guests on ‘Maury,’ ‘Enough, already!'” We all know the show for its paternity tests and guests with scandalous juicy secrets, is in its 24th season with NBCUniversal. Maury Povich is the longest running daytime talk show host in TV history and his quotes “You ARE the Father” and “the lie detecter determined… that was a lie” will live on in the culture for years to come.