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Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Things have been a little weird for rapper T.I as of late. In early April, he was in the headlines for attending a comedy show where a comedian made some jokes about sexual assault and this prompted the rapper to get on the mic interrupting the show defending himself against allegations. This past weekend Tip was taking his chances at being a stand up comedian and it did NOT go the way he had planned.

The rapper later joined Instagram Live with Comedian Michael Blackson to explain his take on the situation and what he was thinking while on stage.

When asked by Blackson if he enjoyed being booed, the ATL lyricist admitted, “Yes. I loved it. He added, “I didn’t feel like they was booing me… I felt like they was booing me as like, ‘I dare you to be more funny. I dare you to be more funny. I dare you to overcome this. I dare you to do better.’ I felt like that’s what they were challenging me to do and I did it.” Almost 24 hours later he was back on stage back at it again.