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Meet The Artist: Alim Smith ‘Yesterdaynite’ Is Behind FX’s ‘Atlanta’ & The Internet’s Most Viral Memes On Instagram

Alim 'Yesterdaynite' Smith

Source: Courtesy of FB / facebook

The artist behind recreating some of Instagram’s most viral memes is garnering the attention of thousands on social media after creating artwork for the latest season of FX’s Atlanta. Meet Alim Smith, better known as @yesterdaynite on Instagram, who’s artist journey has only just begun. We had the opportunity to chat with him in an exclusive interview about his success so far and his mission to continue spreading Black joy online.

Alim 'Yesterdaynite' Smith

Source: Courtesy of FB / facebook

Memes make the world a little less stressful and Delaware artist Smith knows just how to keep his community smiling. From the crying Jordan meme to Viola Davis infamously getting up from her seat with her purse on her arm, Black people have been at the center of the most viral memes online, helping people communicate and express their emotions. Smith took advantage of the ever-present space for memes online, and used his years of technical art training to keep the expression alive.

What many artists might consider amateur artwork, Smith turned into his playground, organically curating a safe space for himself to create and a community for people to find joy.

The art industry has historically been exclusive and inaccessible for people of color. Smith is continuing to break down barriers and bridging the gaps with his mem oil on canvas paintings and taking on the challenge of what is deemed true ‘art.’

Smith’s talents are now being recognized internationally since he became the lead designer for the artwork on FX’s hit show Atlanta. His art can be seen around the world on billboards promoting the latest season.

With a growing platform of over 50k followers on Instagram, it’s only going to go up from here for the young burgeoning artist. Be sure to follow his journey on social media and check out his many viral pieces online. Congrats Alim!

Check out our interview with the gifted artist below:

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