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From theurbandaily.com

For once in my life, I find myself sympathizing with Bow Wow.  His mother has joined Twitter.

Bow Wow’s mother, Teresa Caldwell (@MsTCaldwell on Twitter), exercised her Constitutional right to join the popular social networking site and quickly found herself facing the wrath of her son.

Let’s take a gander at some of Ms Caldwell’s tweets, shall we?

Ok, nothing wrong with that one… She wants to spend time with her son before she leaves town. Understandable.

LOL okay.  This one is just funny.  Whereas my mom would tell me to put on some jeans that fit properly, Bow Wow’s mom is complaining about the rims her son has on his Bentley. Hahahahaha….ahem.

Ewww… Okay, now she’s crossing the line. No one ever wants to hear their mother talk like this.

Aww, poor Bow Wow.  I understand dude… but I guess your fans don’t…

Apparently Bow Wow’s fans were starting to take his Mom’s side!  The horror!

It may sound pretty sad that he’s concerned about how his mother’s tweets will affect his public image. But I bet you hated it when your mom would kiss you on the cheek or say cutesy little things to you in front of your friends.

Bow Wow’s tantrum turns to “threats” (a Bow Wow-free Twitter isn’t such a bad thing though, is it?)

Hmmm… Bow Wow, your mom is kinda right… But moms are usually always right.

As of right now, Bow Wow’s mom’s twitter account is still active, and she’s still posting.  I guess Bow Wow will have to live with it… or pay her off.

Now I gotta head over to my Facebook account and decide whether or not to accept my best friend’s mom’s friend request. True story. :(


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