One of our viewers dropped some questionable allegations about Lil Wayne. Here is how they are reporting it “Heres photos of Lil Wayne, with a girl named Kristin and an underage friend named Martha. He met them at a concert in Chicago and invited them to see him in Milwaukee and gave them back stage passes. After that he flew them to Miami, (without parental consent from the minors parent) and put them up in a hotel. Kristin admittedly making out with him on her facebook” . Pause the slideshow images to see the words


We were just told by one of the girl’s friends that this information is false. but the photos are real. Not photoshop. Stay tuned

January 20, 2010. has a STUNNING bit of information. According to one of our snitches, earlier this year, 27 year old rapper Lil Wayne spent the weekend with two 16 year old girls.

Here’s what popped off. Weezy reportedly met the two girls at a concert in Chicago, the girls ended up attendeing another concert in Milwalkee where they got back stage passes and got to hang with Weezy and a bunch of OTHER members of Young Money.

Then, just a few weeks later the two girls ended up hanging with Weezy and Young Money again THIS TIME IN MIAMI . . . for the WEEKEND!!! Now it’s not ENTIRELY clear how two 16 year olds got the money (and permission from their parents) to hang with Weezy and crew for the weekend.

It’s also not entirely clear WHAT HAPPENED between Weezy and those two girls over the weekend. But this is not looking good for Weezy . . .

Developing . . .

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