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Joce Blake X JT KISS event

Source: Courtesy of KISS / KISS

Your Hair, Your Style is the motto for the mega beauty brand KISS Colors & Care. Through amazing products, they have shown their dedication to celebrating individual empowerment and self-expression across all hair journeys by delivering high-quality, nourishing, innovative products that help the girls style their tresses confidently. So it was only right that they partner with an undeniable trendsetter that is also a fan of the KISS brand – JT of the City Girls. Her intrinsic style and extraordinary flair prove that she aligns with the ethos of the brand’s message and belief.

SVP of Global Marketing Annette DeVita-Goldstein said, “JT is the epitome of confidence and self-expression. Because KISS Colors and Care celebrates creativity and style versatility, we could not think of a more iconic brand partner to represent the brand and its philosophy.” She continued, “We’re thrilled to have JT as our celebrity partner – she continues to be a disruptive force in the music, fashion, and beauty industries. She is bold and embraces new hair looks with confidence and authenticity, which aligns perfectly with our new styling collection.”

Joce Blake X JT KISS event

Source: Courtesy of Joce Blake / Joce Blake

To celebrate the collaboration, KISS had a beautiful event to celebrate unique hair and style by curating an avant-garde fashion show where JT made an appearance. We had the pleasure of sitting with the “Act Up” rapper to talk about her favorite products, what it means to do this collaboration as a Black woman and her advice for young women struggling to embrace their natural hair.

HelloBeautiful: What are you most excited about when it comes to this KISS collaboration? 

JT: I’m most excited about more styles with my natural pair. They’re about to start launching more products with the wigs like glues and waxes, so I’m just excited about being one of the first partners who are helping to launch it. 

HelloBeautiful: Absolutely. You mentioned during the welcome that you’ve been going to the beauty supply store and getting KISS products since you were younger. What does it mean to be a black woman doing this collaboration? 

JT: It means everything to me. Like it’s a dream come true. When I first heard about the partnership, I was so excited about it. I was a little doubtful, like, “Wow, ya’ll want me?” I’m just excited to be here and to have my hair out of my wig, and I can show off my natural hair. Absolutely. Sure. I still got my edges right. 

HelloBeautiful: Yes, they’re flourishing. Do you have a favorite product from the collection? 

JT: The edge control and the foam that you put on the braids because they lay the flyaways down right away. 

HelloBeautiful: What advice do you have for younger girls struggling with accepting their natural hair? 

JT: Well, I would say – Be you. Don’t be afraid to be you. I remember growing up, I struggled with my natural hair. I used to wear a fan and was insecure about it, but then it became fashionable to take your hair and spread it out. I’m a Black girl, so I’ve been through all the ups and downs, and the beautiful thing about being a Black girl is we can get all types of braids and other creative styles. I feel like our hair is strong and beautiful, and we should take care of it and not be insecure about it. And flex. It’s a flex.  

HelloBeautiful: We are a flex. 

JT: Yeah. It’s a flex to be able to wear your hair in various styles.

And with that, we just had to get some tips from Janel Sealy Smith, the Resident Hair Expert for KISS, who gave us a few tips for taking care of our crowns. “Because the world of wig-wearing has gotten so strong that women forget to take care of their own hair. It’s very important right now that we take care of the crown underneath the crown.” Her advice: use the KISS products. Smith said, “We have satin scarves, edge wraps, and bonnets to protect your hair at night, along with using the products that will help keep it tamed. I think the most important thing is to take care of it before you go to sleep and then try not to style it too often.”

Joce Blake X JT KISS event

Source: Courtesy of KISS / KISS

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