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On Wednesday, we reported on a racist ex-convict Mark Taylor, who filmed himself riding around downtown Atlanta while complaining about the abundant existence of Black people, threatening to lynch a Black motorist and telling a friend they need to come to the ATL and “go hunting.” It was a pitiful display, and yet, a picture-perfect example of how bigotry, white fragility and Black people literally minding their own business can turn into a deadly combination at any given moment.

Taylorwho was a middle school teacher and coach for Houston County Schools until he was fired in 2007, the same year he pleaded guilty to a felony charge of influencing a witness and was accused of stalking and harassing his ex-fiancée—is still working as a personal trainer for children as young as eight who play basketball, football and other sports dominated by the racial group he daydreams about stringing from tree branches. Concerned parents, students and educators in Houston County have already met in hopes that something will be done to keep this Klan-ish thug away from the children to whom he still has access. Now, the Macon and Houston County chapters of the NAACP are taking things a step further and calling on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate Taylor for making terroristic threats, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Mr. Mark Taylor has coached and trained Black students throughout the Middle Georgia area, and we don’t know what type of effect that he has had, or what type of treatment these kids may have endured, during his training,” Macon NAACP branch president Gwendolyn Westbrooks said Thursday. “We want him charged for terroristic threats because that’s exactly what he did. There’s a line when it comes to expressing free speech.”

Seriously, it’s one thing for a white supremacist to use their First Amendment right to express their hatred for people who commit the heinous crime of existing while Black, but it’s another thing altogether to suggest a clear willingness to hunt down Black people and lynch them.

“We will not tolerate any type of behavior that he has exemplified as a community member. We want to send a very clear message. We have zero tolerance for racial hatred,” Westbrooks continued. “We’re asking for these parents to make some type of conscious decision about their kids.”

Warner Robins NAACP president Jonathon Johnson also had some choice words for Taylor, who was once a Warner Robins High School track and field coach, and any other violent racists he might be associated with, including a person Taylor called “Ro” in the video.

From AJC:

Westbrooks and Johnson both said they reached out to the GBI, but that typically the Georgia NAACP president’s office interacts with law enforcement. This is their first time attempting to launch an investigation.

“It seems like Mr. Mark Taylor was doing this with someone he was very comfortable with. I believe there’s more people that he’s associated with,” Johnson said. “We want to set a precedent: if his day has come today, their day will come as well.”

So, now, the proverbial ball is in the GBI’s court. Let’s see if there’s anything the agency can and will do to keep this KKKoach on the sidelines.


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