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A special episode of “Baby, This is Keke Palmer” was released this week featuring United States Vice President Kamala Harris. Host and creator Keke Palmer sits down with VP Harris to discuss the maternal health crisis in America. Of course, social media found it informative and entirely comical. Read more about the episode and check out a few of our favorite fan reactions inside.

Podcast network Wondery shared an insightful and necessary conversation featuring host Palmer and VP Harris on their YouTube channel, discussing the impending maternal health crisis in the U.S. The statistics prove that Black women in the U.S. are nearly three times more likely to die during childbirth or pregnancy than any other race.

“Most mothers don’t get the support they need,” Palmer opens the conversation, just four months into motherhood.

Another stark statistic they talked about relating to the maternal health crisis is that the top ten states that have the highest rates of maternal mortality are the same states that have passed abortion bans. All these issues tie together, and VP Harris shares knowledge on how to fight back to protect our mothers and reproductive rights.

“The failures of our health care system as it relates to women’s health care,” Harris started as she reenforced her mission from the beginning of her career. “The majority of my career I spent focused on the safety, the health and well-being of women and children.”

The special 26-minute episode also debuted a new game titled “Questions that NEED to be Answered” as the woman formerly known as “True Jackson, VP” asks VP Harris all of fans most burning questions. From hair routines and rap to cooking and Converse, they get into it ALL!

Throughout the conversation, Keke kept it real and relatable per usual. She also did an uncanny impersonation of Harris right in front of her. The girl is SILLY! One Twitter user couldn’t believe just how comical Palmer truly is saying, “Keke just don’t give a f*ck my stomach hurts so bad what’s her problem.”

Another user pointed out Harris’ signature head shake when asking the VP how often she gets a silk press. The tweet reads, “THE HEAD SHAKE. IM ABOUT TO FAINT. THIS IS THE VICE PRESIDENT MIND U.”

Check out the full episode between Keke Palmer and VP Kamala Harris on “Baby, This is Keke Palmer” below:

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