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(From blackvoices.com)

Sometimes it’s not how you approach a woman but where you approach her that can send the object of your affection running in the opposite direction. A-game or not, there are just some places we women won’t hear you.

1. Court

“After I get through with my arraignment, maybe we could… ” Please. Stop. I’ve heard enough. I would be laughing — except this scenario happened to me. I’m really not interested in learning why you were arrested during a coffee date. I’ll pass.

2. STD Clinic

I’m all for handling your business and getting tested for STDs but while you’re there fellas, please refrain from spitting game at females. Flirting with a chick as you’re waiting to get that “mysterious itch” checked out is unacceptable.

3. Gym

Although I can understand how a woman working out may be a turn on, hitting on her while she’s on the treadmill is not. When I’m dripping with sweat and looking a hot mess, the last thing I want is a guy trying to talk to me. How about hollering after I’ve taken a shower?