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Unboxxed Jan 5

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Uboxxed highlights new releases for your party and playlist. To kickoff 2024, we’ve got the return of a Cash Money legend, a classic cameo from Travis Scott, a hot new records out of Detroit and H-Town plus more.

With that said, let’s get into the new music.

Veeze “Worst”

Dope visuals are back! Let’s hope they’re here to stay, because there was a time when the video sometimes made you like the song more than you already did. With “Worst,” this was definitely the case. It’s already a bop, but the colors and animation switches here make this a great ride as well as a great song to ride to. Shotout to Detroit and Veeze, 2024 might be a big year for him and the city.

BG ft Finesse2Tymes “Gangstafied”

Welcome home, B.G.! Following a 12-year bid, one of Cash Money’s original artists returned to the streets a free man in 2023, and less than a year after his release, B.G. is back on the music scene with “Gangstafied,” featuring Finesse2Tymes. It’s always interesting to see how rappers re-emerge following a bid.

Sometimes they ascend to even greater heights (think Gucci Mane or Li Wayne), other times, not so much. But on “Gangstafied,” Gizzle glides comfortably over the track: Offering his classic sound in a way that doesn’t sound dated our out of place. Finesse 2X was a perfect collab choice in my opinion, as his raspy voice and delivery not only compliments the production but helps introduce B.G. to listeners too young to recall CMR’s golden era.

PLAYY “Nothing to Something”

Playy is a Houston-native whose new video for “Nothing 2 Something” displays him hitting rock bottom and getting his music career back going – achieving more on his bounce back. Playy was previously signed to Interscope Records and his perseverance and consistency has led him to write for artists and feature on records with Ludacris, Nicki Minaj and Kelly Rowland.

And if you’re a festival lover like me, you can catch Playy live this Spring at SXSW.

Playboi Carti ft Travis Scott “Backr00ms”

Playboi Carti has proven himself as an artist who can return again and again to feed his loyal fanbase with the sh-t they love. This go round, he teams up with Travis Scott for “Backr00ms.” The official visuals hit YouTube on January 1st, and in just a few short days it’s nearly reached a staggering 8.9 million views (although that number’s sure to be higher by the time you read this.)

Lil Tecca “Down With Me”

Lil Tecca’s “Down With Me” hasn’t officially been confirmed to be part of any upcoming project or deluxe release from his past effort, but this loosey (which dropped January 4th) hits. This track, and the one’s we shared for the latest installment of Unboxxedis making me very hopeful that 2024 will be a standout music year. 2023 left a little to be desired in terms of albums, but if artists jump back on the wave of just throwing out cuts just because, hey, I’m here for it.

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