In an overwhelming 8-1 vote, Supreme Court Justice’s rejecting the ban and throwing out the conviction of Robert Stevens of Pittsville, VA, sentenced to 3 years in prison for videos he made and sold of pit bull fights.

Stevens was convicted of a federal law enacted in 1999, aimed at banning animal cruelty videos with a focus on the depiction of animal cruelty.Chief Justice John Roberts wrote on behalf of the majority stating that the law infringes on freedom of speech as it’s too broad and vague and could be read to allow the prosecution of producers of films about hunting.

JLuvv’s COMMENTARY: This Freedom of Speech thing get’s carried away.  This ammendment is NOT supposed to give one a license to do whatever they want and be irresponsible, cruel, violent or malicious.

My 2 dogs are like my kids (just like other animal luvvers) and oh let someone create a video of my kid gettin beat up by another kid, we would have problems, problems.   I know people that don’t care for their pets or don’t have pets don’t understand this.

It’s Freedom of Speech, NOT Freedom of Cruelty

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