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Earlier this week DJ Akademiks found himself in some legal hot water when his ex-girlfriend sued him for rape and defamation and though he’s vowed to his fans that he’d fight the case to the bitter end in what he’s calling a “shakedown,” the Hip-Hop personality shouldn’t count on much support from one, Saucy Santana.

It wasn’t that long ago when DJ Akademiks and Saucy Santana were involved in a very public back-and-forth and though things have died down since then, Santana reemerged to take some shots at Ak as he deals with this latest legal headache. Taking to Instagram stories to roast Akademiks for the accusations made against him, an animated Santana seemed to enjoy pointing out that Akademiks reveled in the allegations made about Yung Miami in P. Diddy’s lawsuit but asked fans to dismiss the accusations made towards him.

“6ix9ine freaky b*tch! Nasty tail! And what would make you think we believe that it’s fake lawyers? What would make you think we believe that these is fake headlines? But when it was Caresha b*tch, the word was bond. It was no m*thaf*cking way! Pink cocaine and all this other weird ass sh*t, but b*tch we supposed to believe that shorty lying on you? I don’t think so. Not gon’ happen. Midget d*ck bitch! Sitting down all m*thaf*cking day. You just smell like sat! Sat! Been sitting in that m*thaf*cking seat!”

You can tell Saucy Santana’s been waiting for a reason to once again clap at Akademiks and we ain’t mad cause it was pretty funny. Just sayin.’

Earlier this week DJ Akademiks ex-girlfriend Ziya Abashe filed a lawsuit against Akademiks alleging that he and two of his friends drugged and raped her after he invited her to his home in July of 2022. Naturally Akademiks proclaimed his innocence and promised he’d pay as much money as needed to clear his name in a court of law instead of paying Abashe to settle as he’s called this suit a “shakedown.”

Now that Saucy Santana’s gotten in on the clowning of Akademiks once again, will he respond and reheat the beef the two had just last year or will he refuse to entertain the drama? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What do y’all think of Saucy Santana cutting ass on DJ Akademiks over his rape lawsuit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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