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Starting a new friendship that could possibly be more is a great feeling. The conversation is great, the attraction is their, and now all you need is the “OK” to go further. But before you follow the yellow brick road to love, maybe you need to check the warning signs.

In The Beginning

In the beginning of most relationships you see nothing but the good in people. I’m not saying you shouldn’t but at the same time we miss a lot of things like: warning signs. We see so much potential in someone that we loose focus of reality. The first 6 months of most relationships are gravy. You go out on dates, talk for hours, and for the most part, everything is good. Still, why everything is going smoothly, we sometime over look the little things that can be a disaster. These disasters or warning signs, are things you really need to address in the beginning rather than the end of your relationship.

Examples of Warning Signs

Even though some people see warning signs they have problems identifying them, others have problems identifying them all together. Theses are a few examples of warning signs:

  • Cell Phone On Vibrate – I see so many women struggling with this. They know their man has a cell phone, but it never goes off. Well maybe it’s because he doesn’t want you to know about the wife or other woman. Trust me, if someone continues to cut there cell phone off or put it on vibrate, they have something to hide. If they have something to hide, well you know the rest.
  • Upset Because You Go Out – OK, I’m not saying anyone should be hanging out every weekend but everyone needs time with there friends. I hear stories all the time about their partner not allowing them to go out. Relationships need balance and sometimes getting involved with someone that never wants or allows you to go out can cause problems later down the road. If you see someone that is too controlling, maybe you need to rethink the relationship.
  • Silent Treatment – Sometime we get involved for all the wrong reasons. We find our partner so attractive that we loose focus on everything else. Only to find out when they open their mouth you guys have nothing to talk about. In any relationship communication is the key. You have to be able to communicate when things go wrong. Sometimes we find ourselves with people who are not good communicators and then we wonder why we got involved with them in the first place.
  • Not Disclosing “Friends” – So many individuals tend to hang around people that you have never heard of and they consider them to be friends. If your mate has met someone of the opposite gender or even of the same gender that you have never met, and doesn’t tell you about them, then you have a problem. You should always know who they are talking to or at least have been informed of their existence and what their purpose is in your life.

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