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So, maybe Amber Rose is on her way to becoming more than just Kanye’s girlfriend. After all, she’s a trend-setting fashionista and, even though this film was a bit uncomfortable to watch – anybody else reminded of “American History X” – it’s clear, at the very least, she can model…

The video is comprised of behind-the-scenes footage from Persona’s photo shoot with Amber Rose that retells the story from the film, “This is England”. The film centers on a group of London Skinheads hanging in England during the 1960s. It was a time when this particular subculture didn’t bother with politics and race but more fixated themselves on the unisex fashion, music, and lifestyle-alternate to the popular Mod trend. Deviating from the norm and portraying this rebellious attitude, the Skinheads represented a time of change much like the shaven-headed beauty, Amber Rose.

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