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Efforts to follow a court order to pay child and spousal support to the ex-wife of rapper Nas have gone south.

TMZ.com reports that Nas admitted he is unable to maintain payments of back spousal and child support due to R&B songstress Kelis.

Last month, a judge ordered the New York rhymesayer to pay Kelis $47,249.42 in back child and support and $40,454 in back spousal support.

In addition to the back support payments, Nas was ordered to pay $10,000 a month in spousal support until he pays off the $299,015.50 he owes Kelis. It is unclear how much the rap star is required to pay in monthly child support

Nas’ total debt continued to increase as the judge ruled that the rapper has to pay 90 percent of Kelis’ legal fees, which amounted to $155,787.2,. as well as the singer’s acounting expenses, which totaled $48,549.83.

The hefty amounts have resulted in a request from Nas’ lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, for the judge in the case to take another look at the total amount of the payments and its impact on his client’s finances.

Although the judge predicated the order on Nas making $152,031 a month, court documents obtained by TMZ paint a different picture with the rapper saying he makes “substantially less than that amount.”

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