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Plaxico: I Will Play Again
Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher says that he believes Plaxico Burress was sincere when the two taped a segment for CBS recently. Burress sat down with his former coach and told Cowher that he vows to return to the NFL when he gets out of prison. “I will play again,” Burress said from the upstate New York facility where he’s serving two years after pleading guilty to attempted weapons possession in the second degree. The former Giants wide receiver shot himself in the leg with an unlicensed and illegally concealed gun at a New York City club in November of 2008. Burress says he’s since written a letter of apology to the Giants. Meanwhile, he’s keeping in shape for his return while behind bars. “It’s not LA Fitness or Bally’s, but I do push-ups, sit-ups,” he said. “I make do.” The interview airs this Sunday on NFL Today.